371a The 7th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2008) | ISWC Registration to open soon

ISWC is a major international forum where visionary and state-of-the-art research of all aspects of the Semantic Web are presented.

ISWC News-Weblog

We will open ISWC Registration in the upcoming week and would like to share some information with you:
Payment will be possible by Bank Transfer and Paypal. So if you wish to use your credit card, you can do so using Paypal. In case you do not have a verified Paypal account yet, please create one here and validate it for credit card use. Doing so now will facilitate your registration process later. In case you use bank transfer, you do not have to worry about Paypal at all.

Even those wishing to register onsite or late, should already create verified paypal accounts to enable a smooth registration process.