373a The 7th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2008) | Reasoning for Ontology Engineering and Usage

ISWC 2008

Engineering and using OWL ontologies is a complex task for which impressive tool support has recently been developed. Since OWL ontologies are based on logic and involve entailments, this tool support may involve reasoning, e.g., for query answering, inference explanation, etc. Our tutorial provides a comprehensive overview over such tool support from a user perspective, and explains the benefits of automated reasoning for the user. We start with a brief overview of the various aspects of ontology engineering and deployment and explain the reasons why we need to take an ontology’s semantics into account from an early stage, and the advantages of doing so. Next, we concentrate on four tasks in ontology engineering. For each of these, we provide an example user scenario, explain its challenges, present novel tools to support the ontology engineer in this task, and use this tool on the example.

This tutorial is targeted at participants with a basic understanding of OWL possibly having a little experience in designing or using ontologies. It will provide them with a good understanding of the challenges and benefits of reasoning for ontology engineering and some experience of using state-of-the-art tool support.

Presenters: Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Matthew Horridge, Ralf Möller, and Anni-Yasmin Turhan

For more information, please see the tutorial website