373e The 7th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2008) | RSWA 2008 - Realizing a Semantic Web Application

ISWC 2008

You are aware of the Semantic Web, but you haven’t got time to develop a Semantic Web application yourself? During this tutorial we challenge the Semantic Web technologies on the Web 2.0 ground of realizing a mash-up that reuses, transforms and combines existing data taken from the open Web.

RSWA tutorial explains how to develop step-by-step a Semantic Web application that expects a music style as an input; retrieves data from online music archives and event databases; merges them and let the users explore events related to artists that practice the required style. The result is a Semantic Web Application we named Music Event Explorer or shortly meex; try it out at http://swa.cefriel.it/meex!

This is not all, advance Semantic Web topics are covered in the latter HCLS tutorial. Don’t miss it!

Presenter: Emanuele Della Valle

For more information, please see tutorial website